I Help Women Over 50

Start & Grow The Business

Of Their Dreams 

I help you discover the new you, to do what you were born to do. Start and grow your own expert business using your life experience and skills. Become your own boss at work and play.

Don't Waste Another Second Of Your Life. Start Creating Meaningful Change, And Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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I Created The BoomBoss To Help You Achieve That Dream Lifestyle of Work and Play!

It's time to have a second bite of the cherry and be in control of your own success, abundance, and profitable lifestyle.


I'm empowering women over 50 to turn their life experience and expertise into their own lucrative expert based businesses, working when and where they want, to secure the lifestyle they deserve.


I can show you exactly how to reinvigorate and reinvent yourself to create meaningful change in your life and the wider world. Make your mark, stand for something and have your own identity. Imagine earning what you are worth and working less, whilst making a difference to others' lives too. 

Fantastic with Ali at the BoomBoss Training & Networking Day. Incredible 'Aha' Moments and an extremely generous advocate to help you with your business or start up to avoid major pitfalls and increase your return on investment. Book on it as soon as possible, you won't regret it!

Elaine Gill

What an excellent event, my head is buzzing with hints, tips and ideas to put into practice and will really help me get my new business off the ground and heading in the right direction.

Clare McAleese

Ali has the gift of resonating with us all in order to bring out the best in the group and to send us out into the world full of ideas and strategies to take each of our businesses to a whole new level.

Maureen Sydney

I'm On A Mission To Turn As Many Women Over 50 As I Possibly Can Into #BoomBosses 

Passionate Coach & Mentor 

Successful Entrepreneur 

Motivated Educator 

BoomBoss Women In Business 

BoomBoss is a Movement of like-minded women, just like you - the new you going forwards. A BoomBoss is a woman over 50 who is in control of her own destiny, schedule, priorities and lifestyle.  She's her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent.


We are women who may be over 50 but refuse to be overlooked.    We are NOT WASTING another second of over lives....We’re going to STAY IN THE GAME.  We know we are capable of SO MUCH MORE than where we are right now. We’re busy REINVIGORATING AND REINVENTING ourselves. We recognise that it's not just business. It's PERSONAL.


Is that you?  If so you need to register to attend our next event. Become a BoomBoss, Discover your inner fearless, the new you going forwards, after 50, with the desire and determination to make the most of the second bite of the cherry; the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to put aside doubts, fears, excuses, and at last become your own CEO, at work and play.


 Ultimately it's a mentality the woman over 50 can choose to step into, putting aside all self-doubt, fears and excuses!


We are becoming a global Movement - join us at my exclusive training and networking events - Because you are worth it and you can do it!

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